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Grey Owl Outfitters

A True North Destination

Trophy Fishing & Big Game Black Bear Hunting in Manitoba


Come to northern Manitoba Canada for big game hunting of bear and trophy fishing for northern pike and walleye


Bear Hunt- We offer 6 day bear hunts with fishing included.  We hunt  within a 30 mile radius of our lodge in a vast untamed wilderness which has a healthy and dense bear population. We are the only outfitter allocated for the area.


Our northern bears are known for their size and fur quality with our cooler northern temperatures.  Our area is also well known for color phase bears that make up about 25% of the bear population with brown, cinnamon, chocolate, and blonde coloration.


Fishing- The Lynn Lake area of northern Manitoba has some of the best northern pike and walleye fishing in North America and our lodge is situated right in the middle of it. This is True North Fishing at its finest


Many of these great fishing lakes are located within a few minutes of our lodge and can be accessed by driving.


At Grey Owl we offer you that personal touch & treat you like family when you are at our lodge.  Our guests are small in numbers but the area hunted and fished is vast.  This combination results in a fantastic trip for you.

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