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Bear Hunting Trips in Manitoba - Grey Owl Outfitters

Trophy & Big Game Bear Hunting in Manitoba


Black Bear Hunts With Expert Guides


All inclusive 6 day bear hunt and fishing $3450 US


Includes -  licence & tag, all taxes, meals, accommodations, guide, tree stands or blind, fishing with boat, motor & fuel, skinning, quartering & freezing.

Your bear hunting package includes fishing with boat motor and gas and we have access to several lakes where you can catch trophy northerns and walleye. Your day starts off with a hearty breakfast and then you are off to the lakes for fishing or you can sit back and relax at the lodge and if you are feeling energetic we may take you baiting with us when time permits.


We are usually off to the stands by about 4:30 PM. Our stands are all constructed of solid steel with a platform base of 24” x 32” and are positioned from the bait drums between 14 & 20 yards. We will also use other portable stands and “popup” blinds to vary stand placement and to give our hunters further distance away from the bait sites. We also utilize game cameras at the bait sites.


Once you harvest your bear we look after the skinning, quartering, and freezing which ensures you can get your trophy back home in good condition. If you wish we can take your trophy to a qualified taxidermist to have your taxidermy work looked after.


Once you have booked with us we will provide you with a complete list of equipment that we expect you to bring as well as some optional equipment.


No extra charges.


Ethic rule applies to bear.

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